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The Importance of Leadwork

Lead roofing in Suffolk Dressed lead roof example

Lead is indisputably one of the great building materials. For centuries it has been used to cover the roofs of cathedrals, churches and public buildings. There are countless applications of lead on houses and offices throughout the UK. When detailed and fitted correctly lead has been tested to prove its worth and outstanding durability. Lead sheet is an ideal material for flashings, while its extreme malleability makes it the most adaptable material for dressing over complicated shapes and details. It must be remembered that lead is a naturally occurring element which offers a long service life when at its end can be easily recycled and reused time and time again, making lead the greenest of building materials, compared to its short-lived substitutes and their effect on the environment, lead has to be the no 1 choice.

Lead flat roof on extension Bay window roof in lead

Sustainable buildings are becoming more and more important these days as planners, developers and builders strive to reduce their Carbon footprint. So it is wonderfully encouraging to see lead, one of the oldest and most traditional of roofing materials, making a come back in contemporary buildings.

An example of ornamental leadwork Lead detailing on roof

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